Dreampod Cold Plunge Barrel with Chlller DPIB103BPE


About The Product

Embark on an invigorating journey of body revitalization and recovery with our Cold Plunge Barrel, powered by a robust 3/4 HP chiller unit. Perfectly suited for athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and individuals dedicated to top-tier recovery solutions, this cold plunge barrel epitomizes exceptional performance and unmatched convenience.

Dreampod is thrilled to unveil the Dreampod Ice Series, catering to the growing interest in cold plunges among diverse groups, from elite athletes seeking faster recovery to biohackers exploring the limits of mind and body. The Ice Series offers two commercial products: the standard bath and the barrel, both meticulously crafted with high-quality fiberglass and plastics. Featuring a double hull GRP base with foam insulation for enhanced cold retention and an anti-slip floor, the standard Bath accommodates even the tallest individuals at 1600 mm long, while the more compact Barrel suits those with limited space.

For at-home users, Dreampod introduces the Ice Bath Flex, an inflatable tub designed with reinforced walls, utilizing technology similar to modern stand-up paddle boards. Once inflated, the walls become rigid, creating a natural insulator with the air barrier within, ensuring the water remains consistently cold. This affordable and reliable option is ideal for daily cold immersion and provides a convenient solution for those seeking at-home cold therapy.

Regardless of the chosen product, Dreampod ensures consistency with a shared chiller unit for all three options. The compact, quiet, and easy-to-maintain chiller unit offers uniform performance across the Ice Series, making it a convenient and versatile choice for users across different preferences and needs.


  • Physiological Benefits: Cold water immersion, as experienced in an Ice Bath, leads to the constriction of blood vessels, facilitating the flushing of toxins from the body. This process contributes significantly to reducing inflammation and swelling throughout the body. Upon exiting the Ice Bath, the body naturally reheats itself, and the previously constricted blood vessels expand, influencing blood pressure, overall circulation, and promoting general health.
  • Improved Sleep Quality: Many individuals report experiencing better sleep after an ice bath. This improvement is attributed to the workout that the sympathetic nervous system receives during the cold immersion, leading to the de-regulation of the central nervous system. The overall impact on the nervous system contributes to a more restful and rejuvenating night's sleep.
  • Mental Training and Strengthening: Beyond the physical benefits, pushing the limits of the body through practices like cold water immersion helps train and strengthen the mind. The combination of the entire process with breathwork enhances the holistic impact, offering a comprehensive approach to physical and mental well-being.
  • Complementary Therapy: The Dreampod Ice Bath is designed to complement the Mineral Soaker, creating a balanced approach to therapy. Together, they form a harmonious duo, covering both cold therapy (Ice Bath) and hot therapy (Mineral Soaker). Purchasing and using both products provides users with a comprehensive solution, allowing them to enjoy the benefits of both cold and hot therapies for overall well-being.

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